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Exploring Music and Human Connection


Music Connects Us
to Each Other

Making music with others promotes connection in a profound way. It creates meaningful moments that bring us together. 

My research with children experiencing homelessness illustrated the power of music to keep people together and provide a network of support through memorable music experiences. 


Music Connects Us to Ourselves

Music gives us a path to express and understand our inmost feelings. It unlocks our souls. Music expresses that which words cannot express. This is a powerful outlet for every day emotional health and healing. 

"Music hath charms
to soothe the savage breast. . ."

Music Connects Our World

Music tells a story across space and time. We hear music throughout every day whether it is in the background or telling a story in virtual media. We hear music, but are we listening? We need to become more aware of the sounds around us to have a richer experience of life in the world. 

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