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Exploring Music and Human Connection


Music Connects Us to Others

Do you want to learn about the essence of humans from a particular time period? Examine their music making. Every time we make music together, we connect to each other instead of breaking the connection. 

My teaching focuses on bringing the community together to create something wonderful. .   


Music Connects Us to Ourselves

Music gives us a path to express and understand our inmost feelings. It unlocks our souls. 

Do you want to understand the souls of humans across time?

Examine their music making. 

My research provides a window into humans perception of ourselves through the prism of music. 


Music Connects Us to      Our World

Every time we learn, we are more connected to the world. Music and stories make learning stick for both for children and adults. This is as true now as it has been for ages past

My goal is to infuse music and stories into learning so that every moment is filled with wonder. 

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